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So, I usually blog on Thursdays…

Yes, I realize today is Friday.

Somehow Thursday ran away and I just managed to catch the tail end of Friday. So TA DA! Here I am.


So weird. Suddenly it’s a day later, a month later, four years later and I’m never quite sure how it happens. A bit of whoa perhaps.

Time is a strange concept. It keeps tick-tocking forward, no matter what. Consistent. Eternal. We have named it. We hang calendars to try and capture it. We have created machines called clocks to measure it. Yet we have no power over it. We bow to Time, the Great Forever. I mean, I don’t have a TARDIS, do you? No?


And time continues with us struggling along in its wake.


Once again, as of this very day, my kids are home from school, and by home from school I mean until the middle of August. Yes. Summer vacation has begun. I officially have a 7th and 8th grader.

That’s exciting… kinda.


Gosh darn it, TIME! What have you done? How did we get here?

My kids told me that the school year seems to go faster every year. Of course, it does. As we age, we become more aware of the passage of time. I remember being around 7 and staring at a calendar, realizing for the first time how long summer vacation actually was. That little girl was completely upset that summer didn’t last forever. Cause that’s what it felt like. Forever. SUMMER SHOULD LAST FOREVER!


But it shouldn’t. I look back at the years and smile. Life, in general, has been fabulous. I loved being a kid. But I wouldn’t go back there. I have fond memories (mostly) of my kids being babies and toddlers. But I don’t want them to stay that way because BABIES ARE SCARY AND TODDLERS ARE EVIL.

Don’t look at me like that… they are.


Life has been pretty darn good so far. And there is so much greatness to come. Places to go. Things to do and all that. Victories and failures. And as much as I want time to stop, I need it to continue because of these future adventures.


So bring it on, Time! Bring it on. Just send me reminders now and then to pay attention to everything.