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It’s Monday, blog day. It’s also Memorial Day, a holiday. My hubs and kids are home, so I’ve been, well, doing not writerly stuff. But it’s not just today. I got a bit lost last week.


And I guess I forgive me. Because I promised that I would.

Forgive me for letting fear and anxiety keep me trapped in the black void of chapter one.

Forgive me for fighting a broken emotional brain.

Forgive me for calling myself a failure.

Forgive me for the crap I did write.

Forgive me for being a frizzled, frazzled mess.

Because that’s what I am. I’m trying to gather all the pieces of me and hold them in place. I’m trying.


And I’ll survive. I’ll get that first chapter written and to my wonderful Walrus Writers. I’ll get the kids to all their ball games. I’ll keep the house in its semi-nice-ish state.


I’ll keep smiling. Keep finding reasons to laugh. Keep pushing past the fear and insecurities.

Deep down, I know I can succeed. I know fear isn’t real. We’re all allowed moments to freak out, those times of insanity make life’s victories even sweeter.

We’re all human.

Life isn’t perfect.

Pick up the pieces, kids. The adventure isn’t over.