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My daughter got her hair colored today, blue ombre from her shoulders down. It’s pretty! I’ve always thought people with colored hair were cool. I, however, never joined the ranks of coloring my hair because… well, I’m not cool.

As a kid, I stayed the same. Same hair. Same clothes. Same everything. The one time I changed my hair style, there was teasing and laughing, so… yeah, I withdrew into myself and faded into the realm of invisible.

Where I stayed. Until I got older and thought “WHY?”

Why not be me? So, I’ve been trying. Being myself. Letting the crazy things that enter my head fly free!


Well, on Twitter and maybe FB and here. It’s easy to sit in my house and type all the things. I don’t let the weird out every where. But maybe I should, well, not completely… let’s go slowly so as not to scared the natives.

So as I’m watching my daughter grinning in excitement at her blue hair, I decided something. I’m going to let the strangeness of me peek out. On Friday I’m getting my hair cut, and by cut I mean getting layers added through the bottom because I’m keeping my length, it’s mine. AND…


I’m getting purple streaks added.


I know! And this right before my author appearance at my town’s 150th celebration. Seriously, I am going to have a table to promote ME and my work. Of course, my book isn’t out yet, but I am cooking up neat stuff, flexing my creative muscles, hoping to be memorable and connect with people.

There will be candy.

New me will be there… being me. It’s time to allow a bit of who I am and what I like to show.

I am magic. Why hide it?


Think of me this Saturday as I attempt to interact with people, talk of my writing successes and soon to be published book. Think of me as I become slightly less invisible.

Think of me… and maybe send chocolate.