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Today another Twitter pitch contest is taking over my Twitter feed. #SFFpit for sci-fi and fantasy mss in every category.


I am retweeting my favorites, like a good girl, because favoriting is for agents and editors and publishers.

I am not these.

I am a writer. I am a reader.

So many of these tiny pitches catch my eye or more exactly catch my brain. I want to read them. But in the sea of pitches that will flood Twitter, how many stand a chance to be seen? It’s crazy. The 140 character pitches that writers poured their heart and soul in march along the screen to vanish into the crowd. Some will be overlooked.

And magic will happen for others.

As I gaze at the parade of pitches today, ones I recognize wave at me. I saw them… heck I retweeted them… at #pitmad – another Twitter pitch party that happened not long ago.

There’s one that called to me in #pitmad and when its pitch rolled past me today, I stopped and thought “No one’s picked this up yet? I WANT THIS BOOK!” Why isn’t the magic happening?


Now there could be a million reasons why. There ARE a million reasons why. And most of these reasons are out of the author’s control. Magic is a slippery little sucker.

The author hones their pitch and tweets it just the right amount of times (seriously, it’s an art). But it could very well march by the eyes that need to see it, that want to see it. Maybe it gets requests and nothing comes of those, for who knows what reasons.


This strange world of writing and publishing is impossible to navigate. There are tips. There are rules. There are guidelines. But mostly we wait for the stars to align. For the right ms to land in the perfect hands, for eyes to meet across the room and BLAM-O…


So why? Who knows. We’ll probably never really understand the magic. I mean magic… kinda undefinable, uncatchable, unwhateverable.


All we can do is keep trying, keep reaching for the dream. And have faith. Dreams do come true. The magic is weird, but not broken.

cinderella twirl


Update… My hair has purple streaks. I love it!


And my author thingy at my town festival went well! I talked to people and survived.