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First of all, who read that title as the Hobbit war? *snort* Cause that’s what I saw after I typed it.


Anywhoooo… onward with the topic!


Habits are strange creatures. Some you want. Some you don’t. Some you try to get rid of and others you try desperately to trap and keep.

Webster’s Dictionary says a habit is a thing done often and, hence, easily, or a usual way of doing. It’s a way of living. There are bad habits, take my munching on all the food I can find late at night. There are good habits such as brushing my teeth twice a day, everyday.

Funny, when I went to write a good habit, I paused, struggling to think of one. However, the bad? A list formed immediately in my head. And to top that off, I thought of a bucket load of habits I wish I had.

Habits are things of our own creation. The ones we have, we have to work to keep. The ones we want, we have to fight into submission. The ones we don’t want, we must battle with swords. But that weapon better be sharp, because those little devils can have a firm grip.



Writers write. As simple as that. And we all write at our own pace. Seriously, I see tweets of people who wrote 5K words that day or a ‘mere 2K’… not to mention those that write 10K a day.

Truth? That makes me feel incredibly inadequate.


And not because I didn’t write that many words, but because I let the day go by without writing any. And why did I allow this? Fear to open the document? Yup… a little.

But really? That habit of writing has fled. I neglected it.

*pauses to let everyone yell at me or shake their heads… and give general looks of disapproval*


I am not happy with me. I have words I want to write, that I am even excited to write, but I don’t do it.

And that’s what it comes down to. JUST DO IT.

Create the habits that will give you that warm feeling of accomplishment, that will make you a better person. And, for me, that procrastination habit… that “Hey, look cookies, I’ll just eat a few (hundred)… that oh, well, it’s already noon, I don’t need to workout… all those habits that hold me back? Yeah, they need to go.


It’s going to be a fight. That JUST DO IT phrase is short and sweet, it looks simple, but it isn’t, especially for someone like me who gets pretty comfy in my ruts.

Create the life you want. Find the strength to let go of the bad habits that bring you down and grab onto the habits that will make you soar.


Because soaring is what we were put on this Earth to do!