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Writing. Being a writer.

What does it mean? Because when I started writing (aka… typing words about stuff that I made up in my twisted brain) about eleven years ago, I had NOT A CLUE.

There’s writing. You sit. You type words. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Easy. And that makes you a writer. Yup. I buy this.


And you can do this forever. Sit. Write. Sit. Write… for all time.

But there’s this other level of ‘being a writer’. A writer’s job is not what I first believed.

Above all, a writer writes. There is much sitting and pondering and possibly weeping… There is much planning and plotting and the occasional urge to chuck a computer out the window. There is excitement, which turns to frustration, which can cause mass consumption of (insert junk food of choice here).


As I take bigger, more confident steps into the world of being a writer, of being published, I have learned that the job requires SO MUCH MORE.

I focus on my own works, my manuscripts. Character development. World building. Finding and destroying filter words, passive voice, and making the words the best they can be.


I help other people with their words. Critiques are a huge part of a writer’s work. I am part of a writers’ group in town and a Skype group. I have numerous CPs and spend hours reading and commenting on others’ manuscripts. I love it! And hope I help a little.

Maintaining a presence on social media… blog, FB, GR, Twitter… all help get your name out into the world. Because, marketing… my least favorite part of the job. However, on the flipside, I LOVE spreading the word about books, new or old! Cover reveals. Release days.

(By the way… FINDING IMMORTAL book 2 in the Bearwood series in out TODAY! Just FYI…)

*whistles* Anyway…

Reading. Probably safe to say, one of the best things about this job. And of course after you finish a book… leave a review.

donnie darkoreading

And the biggest part? Waiting. For rejections. For acceptance. For edit notes. For contracts. For big announcement days. For everything. With self-pubbing there is less of this. For people working with agents, editors, and publishers… we wait. A lot. It’s hard.


An author’s job is never done. Once you get a project off, there’s always another lurking in your mind ready to pounce. Writing. Editing. Querying. Reading. Everything sucks our life force dry!

Well, that was dramatic.


As I set foot on the path to publication, I prepare myself for the learning of all the things. And the kinda doing well and failing miserably parts.

Possibly you should shoot me now.

Guest posting on blogs… working with an editor (I am not worried about this cause she’s awesome!)… working with a cover designer (who is also fabulous! So no worries)… and so much about marketing that my head might explode. Luckily, the team (more like a family) at Reuts Publications to help me when I fall on my face. Cause I will.

For all of us out there being writers… I am proud to say we are some of the most supportive people in the world. This job we’ve chosen (some people with day jobs of doom to contend with too) is not an easy one. There’s so much more to do than simply write. All of it takes time, energy, and a love of what we do.