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Hi all!

I am on my way to Muncie, Indiana for the Midwest Writers Workshop… #MWW15!!!


If you remember last year, I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. So many people. So many authors, some published, some agented, some still hopeful. All the information… queries, synopsis, marketing, writing good characters, plot structures…


How would I ever fit into this world of publishing? HOW? I should just quit! What am I doing? Poor Past-me…

Since then, I had two storied published in an anthology and signed with a publisher (the best publisher EVER) with my YA fantasy DOORS!

So, this year I return a little more prepared for what I will encounter, for all the information to be crammed into my brain. And will listen with extra special care to all the marketing information.

AND TO HAVE A SUPER-DUPER TIME MEETING TONS OF FRIENDS I HAVE MADE ON TWITTER! The cool kids are allowing me to hang out with them! Me!


Writers conferences are fabulous. And as I wander further into the world of publishing I will do my best to put myself out there- as scary as that it. Luckily, authors are a marvelous group of people. I am proud to be counted as one of them… part of the crew, part of the ship.

That was a little creepy… anyway, have a fabulous weekend! I will!