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EEEEEKKK!!! We are on our way to the UP! For those of you who don’t know it stands for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan! We will make the eight or so hour drive up to our campsite where we will meet up with my parents and sister and her family!

We will be staying near Pictured Rocks State park!



I have never been there, but it looks gorgeous! Camping (No tent this time! We’ll be in our trailer that we convert to sleeping quarters after taking out the kayaks and motorcycle). Hiking. Kayaking. Reading by the fire. General fun with my family. And s’mores. LOTS OF S’MORES!

We are getting away! No wifi. No work. ALL FUN!

Everyone needs time like that! To recharge. To relax. To smile and be carefree.

Have a great weekend! I will send positive vibes out into the world.