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I have been challenged. I accept. The fabulous Heidi Norrod hath thrown gauntlet to participate in some crazy 7x7x7x7x7x7x7x7x7x7x I don’t know how many sevens… writing/sharing party. And, dude, it keeps me from having to think up a blog post today, so WIN!

You can check out Heidi’s post here. DO IT!

Okay. I believe the rules are to post seven lines from WIP, but they must be from the seventh page starting at the seventh line. Confused? Me too, maybe. After this grand posting there is a tagging people portion of the show, but seriously I don’t play tag, cause running… ug. So, if you read this and want to play… PLAY!!!!!!!

This is from my WIP the sequel to my YA fantasy DOORS… this one is called DOORS, book 2. I know. Brilliant, right?


He belonged on Solun, taking care of his crop fields. Had her true father been as accepting, as loving? Had he been a Traveler, too? Guilt pushed at the edge of her heart at the thought, as if betraying her da.

She’d be his dark one, an explorer like him.

Her spirit lighter after shedding the weight she had carried, the invisible cage that had remained around her heart, she raced across the field. Her cape flapped behind her. Her breathing matching the rhythm of her feet. The gurgle of a stream joined the song, echoing in her mind. She was going home.

It’s a really rough draft, but there it is in all its shining glory… or not.

I must dash because there is a ms to read and a story to tweak.