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I just finished watching the movie 13 Going on 30. Again. I know you know it. I’m on this funny feel-good movie kick, don’t worry it won’t last forever.


If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s about a girl, who on her thirteenth birthday, is magically (a little fairy dust action) transported to her future where all her wishes had come true.


But life isn’t what she expects it to be, she’s not who she wants to be. When your wishes are granted life SHOULD be fabulous, right? Well… maybe not.

I was trying to remember being thirteen and what I wanted. Let’s see… I turned 13 on the last day of 1985… I was in 7th grade. It’s hard to remember, I barely know her anymore.

  1. I wanted to be an artist.
  2. I wanted to live by myself in my own little apartment with tons of cats.
  3. I wanted to be a part of a group, the popular group.
I am an artist, but not like I had envisioned. I don’t have paintings hanging on some wall so people can stare at them and ponder their meaning. Good thing. I would hate that.
I might be happy living alone with cats, becoming the crazy cat lady, but I am pretty darn happy with being married with two kids, living in our house. I do have cats, but only four. Not to mention the dog, two tortoises, and some fish.
That thirteen year old girl, who really wants to be liked, still resides deep in my mind. I never belonged to the popular group. For a long time, I thought something was wrong with me. I’ve gotten over that. I’ve embraced my inner weirdness and will share it with those who can handle it.
As dear thirteen newly turned thirty year old Jenna Rink discovers in the movie, sometimes wishes should never be granted. Sometimes those wishes you clutch in your hands need to fizzle and fade.

One thing is certain, no one should chose what their life should be at thirteen. There’s so much more to learn, to know about ourselves. If we are wise, we’ll keep our mind open and listen to the Universe. The Universe knows more than we do. When those wishes go ungranted, have no fear, all will be well.

What’s strange? My daughter turned 13 last month. What are her wishes? What does she want from life? From what I see, she’s much more comfortable with herself than I was at her age.