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Diana is part of my lovely Sunday Skype critique group called The Walrus Writers. Yes, walrus. Don’t ask, long really strange story. Go find them on Twitter because they’re awesome. E.L. WickerNatasha Raulerson… and Diana Pinguicha (AND I TOTALLY JUST SPELLED HER LAST NAME CORRECTLY WITHOUT LOOKING!).

We take turns sending our work to everyone to receive all the comments… or duck out of our word sending responsibility, because there just aren’t any. We chat about our words, our fears, our problems in writing and real life. Mostly we laugh.

And most important, we encourage each other. We all write and read different books. Each of us is on a different section of the road of life, a different stage of our writing careers. We’re all on different paths (self-pub, agent, and small press) and it doesn’t matter. We are a team. There is so much love. Can you feel it?




When one of us succeeds we all celebrate. When one of us struggles the rest of us feel it. And this is what I want to address today. The struggle.

For Diana,

Self-doubt stalks you like a shadow, hiding your dreams. The contests you enter aren’t going to give you what you want, forget them! That is not your path. So… eat your banana cake, then shove that darkness out of the way and find your dream shining, gleaming. It is yours to have, yours to take, yours to make come true. And you will. For even though the rejections gnaw at your faith, you are meant to write and your words will find their way to just the right person at just the right moment.


That’s a mystery. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

For Diana.

Our video gamer girl.

Our dragon keeper.

Our kitty snuggler.

Our writer of fantasy and fabulously twisted character creator.

(Iriae is one of my all time favorite characters!)

I love the way you comment with swear words on my chapters and stories.

I love your laugh and your smile.

I love how you talk tech, even though I have no idea what you’re talking about.

I love that I get to be with you on your journey to make your dreams come true.

So when you forget to have fun and let life get you down, we will hold you up. We will remind you that you have talent pouring out of every pore. The future holds so much fabulousness for you. So query. Bring on each rejection, then set them on fire, knowing that each ‘no’ takes you a step closer to that one ‘yes’.

When it feels like it will never happen, take a breath, play a game, cuddle with all your pets… then keep writing.

You got this. I know. Because I am magic. (Or did you forget?)





PS. I hope this makes up for not having a poem prepared last Sunday.