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The Blind Side is one of my favorite movies. I don’t know all the lines, but I do know the feels. It gives me hope for the world.


And the world needs hope. It’s getting frightfully hazardous out there. Every time I turn on the TV or my computer, a tiny bit of panic creeps into my brain. What terrible thing will I see? What angry words will fill my screen? More and more hate covers our lives.

Those words. They inspire other angry words. They don’t change anything.

Ranting about what’s wrong with the world, won’t change it. See a problem? Act.

Put aside judgement. Stop yelling. Stop pointing fingers and throwing out meaningless words like right and wrong. Everyone gets to have their opinion. We should know by now that words will not change those. It’s not about changing opinions, not about screaming louder, but about acceptance.

I tell kids all the time. I’ll let you have your opinion, but you have to let me have mine.

However, actions- quiet actions can make the world better.


Don’t try to change anyone, just follow your heart.

Making the world a better place starts in our own little worlds, in our homes and towns. The smiles we plant will spread.