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You know those mornings when you wake up certain you have five hundred billion things to do and you can’t remember all of them and the world is likely going to end…

That’s me today. Anxiety is running high.


I blame life.

I repeat my schedule. Over and over, I chant all the things I have to do. The feeling that I am forgetting EVERYTHING won’t go away. So I repeat the list, trying to make a plan. A plan I can’t follow, because I can’t focus. I wander around the house. The laundry must be done right now, the dirt on the floor suddenly bothers me tremendously, I write things down on my calendar and set the order of the to-do list in my mind, which I repeat. Over and over.

And it’s not just my to-do list. My husband works a lot. He has things he wants done, so turns to me.

I’ll do it all wrong. I’m not good enough. I’ll forget something… everything.

These are the days I want to hide in a corner.

My logical mind (yes, I have one of those!) calmly says that it’s fine. Everything is fine. I can handle it. I will get everything done and there’s nothing I’m forgetting.

Yet the anxiety stays. An old friend who stops by now and then. And fighting it gets me no where. So blah feeling of blah…