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October is here!


I love this month. The corn stalks, though quite a bit shorter than normal (thanks, rain) are turning brown. The leaves will soon burst into celebratory colors. Mallowcream pumpkins, that I shouldn’t eat, but do. Horror movies. Cooler temperatures. The end of volleyball season… wait, I don’t like that.

A couple of my horror stories will be released in anthologies!


The movie Crimson Peak is out October 16th! I NEED THIS MOVIE!

And Halloween! The kids and I are going to my parents’ house this year to help my dad scare all the kids! His decorations are fabulous. I’ll post pics, PROMISE!

Be sure to stop by my other hangout The Midnight Society for all the October Fear Fest fun! Writing contest where you can win BOOKS! Posts on slasher movies, ghosts, zombies, and traditions. Live-tweeting some of our favorite movies and a look at horror video games.

But in all the fun, I must focus.

FOCUS... like that

FOCUS… like that

Things must get done, and I admit that I am not the best at the getting of all things done. Nope.

Have no fear. Hahahahaha! Fear! See what I did there? *snort* Halloween? Horror movies and stories? Fear? Nevermind.

I will keep moving forward, making progress. Because I’m not sure what November will bring, so I must make the most of this month. And take time to enjoy myself… as we all should.

Happy October! May it be fabulous! Just stay out of the cornfields…