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If you peruse my DVR list right now, you’ll find a variety of shows. First you have my hubs’ favorites, anything that has to do with searching for gold, Alaska, or cars – reality stuff. There are the shows we watch together mostly sci-fi, action-y stuff. Once Upon a Time, Top Model, Project Runway, and any baking competitions belong to my daughter and me. All the Phineas and Ferb cartoons and strictly my daughter’s. Any weird/scary TV shows are mine.


Once you weed out all the TV shows you are left with movies.

The Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy Krueger haunts and kills kids in their dreams.)

Harvest Moon (A city girl’s dad buys her a pumpkin farm and she finds her true self.)

Evil Dead 2 (Vacationers fight spirits of the dead with a chainsaw and a shotgun.)

All of My Heart (Two strangers inherit a house and fall in love.)

Ominous (A couple resurrect their 6yo son, which turns out to be a bad idea.)

Army of Darkness (A supermarket worker goes back in time to fight with a chainsaw and ’73 Olds.)

Hello, It’s Me (A widow receives messages from her late husband to move on and remarry.)

And they’re all mine.


It’s October, so horror movies are my jam. Sinister is on when I workout now. I just live-tweeted Poltergeist last Saturday.

But there’s another side to me, the uber-cute Hallmark movie me. And right now the channel of cute romance movies is playing all new fall-themed shows. I admit that I am enjoying myself. Within the first ten minutes I can usually tell you what will happen, girl meets boy, everything goes awry, then… BAM… they fall in love. Some of these shows are better than others, but they all make me smile, some make me cry happy tears.

So the queen of scary, dark, and weird has a soft side.


And this is just the beginning. Once November hits, I’ll be watching Hallmark channel pretty much non-stop because…Christmas movies, which start earlier and earlier each year.

Have no fear, come January, I’ll be binge watching horror… you know for balance.

We all have different sides. We all need more than one thing to make us happy. People are complex creatures, so many pieces all fitting together in perfect harmony…even horror and romance.

That’s what makes being human awesome.