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It’s almost Halloween!


If you know me, you know I love the scariest night of the year. Heck, I love all of October. I’ve been watching horror movies all month! Yea!


My kids have sadly outgrown the tradition of trick-or-treating.

However, last year, my daughter asked if we could please go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house (my parents) for Halloween.

I said that certainly we could go, but only if Halloween falls on a Saturday, because of the drive to get there.

And I asked her why…why did she want to go?

Because she wants to help Grandpa with Halloween decorations. Because she wants to see all the scared kids. Because her Grandpa is super cool.

And a few minutes later, she came to me and announced that Halloween was on a Saturday the next year… COULD WE PLEASE GO?


When my family moved to another city in my junior year of high school, it was tough. But we ended up in a big, old Victorian house with a front porch and my dad had this great idea… decorate the house for Halloween.

Our first year there was lights and creepy music, but it was rather awesome.

Then I went to college and got married and moved away… I missed how my dad had embraced Halloween decorating. Every year he added something new.

When my kids were three and four, I decided they were old enough to trick-or-treat. For their first time out ringing doorbells and gathering candy, I took them to my parents’ house-they weren’t in school yet, so might as well take a little trip. Grandpa in his scary mask did not scare them. They did a great job walking up and down the street and never complained once about the rain.

They don’t remember all of this.

Which makes it a great time to return.

My daughter and I have costumes ready. My son is ready to help Grandpa carry the coffin and skeletons. I am ready to enjoy the sounds of leaves running from the chill breeze, of kids laughing and their feet pounding across the road. I am ready to stand in the dark and take in the atmosphere of the night, surrounded by Dad’s creepy decorations. Such as these from last year…

IMG950668 IMG957598 IMG954205

He has built something new for this year!

And hopefully I can steal a candy bar or two.

We leave tomorrow. I will return with pics. Be sure to have a…