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The amazing Faith McKay at The Midnight Society had a brilliant idea! #SpookyAllYear! Go visit her post and learn all the scary details. AND THIS IS THE FIRST DAY!


I know…


But I LOVE IT! And on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, I hope to participate (some Wednesdays might go better than others). We at the Midnight Society had such a great time with our October Fear Fest last month, we have the need to keep it going. Because keeping the horror going is IMPORTANT.

So welcome…


I have a little story in mind. Let’s see how this goes…


The Wedding

I was born for this moment.

The dress flows around my ankles in shimmering white beaded-wonder. The jewels draped on my neck and wrists send a million lights across the gray, stone pillars that line the aisle as the gems reflect the glow of a million candles.

Excitement flutters through my mind and settles in my stomach. My wedding day.

Sixteen years, I have waited. Finally the day has arrived. Today I meet him. My days of studying and preparing for the ritual blur together, but the work is over. I am ready. Chanting and praying, my coven, my family, lurks in the shadows. The tap of my shoes on the polished stone floor echoes in the massive room.

I step up onto a raised platform. Empty. Waiting for me to complete the ritual. So my true love can appear.

Two black-cloaked figures scurry in front of me, place a silver bowl filled with dark liquid on the ground then melt back into the dark.

I kneel and dip my first two fingers into the warm blood in the bowl. With great care to remember every line and dot, every symbol, I draw on the floor. My heart leaps as I finish the first mark. I lift my gaze as the air before me shudders, the world twists. A gasp of joy creeps from the edges of the room. The rustle of cloaks whispers from the dark corners of the room as a hole opens in the air.

I turn back to the floor, back to the ritual, to my job. The reason I exist is now. I dip my fingers back in the bowl. Two more symbols. One to call my mate from the other side and the other pledging myself to him.

Cold seeps through the air, wrapping around my ankles. My dress ripples as I stand.

He comes to me, arms wide, emerging from the void I opened. For him. Always for him.

“For you,” I cry. “I am for you.”

Perfect feet hit the floor. Strong legs carry him into my world. Powerful shoulders shrugs off misty fingers, the remnants of what exists beyond. Skin so white it blinds me.

He stops inches from me.

My chest heaves with desire. I lift my arms and dip my head in reverence. “Master. Our future awaits.”

The cloaked figures return, kneeling at our feet. “Master,” they whisper.

I move to wave them away. What are they doing? This is not part of the ritual. He is mine. But I pause as they lift a gleaming dagger above their bowed heads.

A dagger?

Confusion weaves through my blissful thoughts. A spark of fear burns away my happy as he wraps his long, beautiful fingers around the hilt.

Heart pounding, I lift my gaze. His black eyes meet mine, eyes full of power, of desire, of evil. He raises the knife. The light, that had moments ago brightened my mind, fades. I try to step back, but hands close on my shoulders and arms, pressing me forward. My destiny. The reason I was born.

He presses cold metal to my throat. “You have no future.”


There you are. #SpookyAllYear. You might have seen that end coming, but I am thinking this up on the spot.