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Last weekend hubs and I went away. See Wednesday will be our 20th wedding anniversary.

Dude. 20 years.


That’s almost half my life. Almost.

I banned our phones and computers from this little trip and we traveled a few hours north to Holland, Michigan. And had a GREAT time! We went to Holland State Park to see the snowy beach… snow on a beach! Ha!


It was like my own Hallmark movie, walking up and down the streets of downtown Holland, wandering the cute shops, eating in all the yummy local food.



And there was a tree lighting.




We needed to get away from life. We needed to reconnect.

Because 20 years was a long time ago. And people change. When I think of 22 year old me, I cringe. This man of mine married a naïve, scared, uncertain girl. I had an art degree, but no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I had a car, but wouldn’t go out into the new city I moved to, because of fear. At 22 I had no idea who I was.

I think this is true of most people in their early twenties, which kinda makes it odd to get married at that age. I was bound to change.

My tall, knight in drab camo loved that girl… but there was no guarantee that he would love the person I would become.

He watched me grow up, become me.

Not that I went through any real drastic changes, overall I still fear dealing with people in the outside world, I still believe in magic, I still love my art. But I am a lot more independent. And with him working a lot, I easily go my own way and am very happy by myself.

And marriage isn’t a by yourself kind of deal.

So we spent the day just us, not talking about work or all the things that keep us apart, but holding hands and enjoying being together…being US.

Because US is what it’s all about.