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I got a little lost this week in putting up three Christmas trees, hanging garland and wreaths and lights… oh my! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I still have my village to set up and my nativity scene, but soon my house will be aglow with Christmas magic.

With the all the brilliance of shining ornaments and strands of blinking colors, we light the way for hope. For love. For the spirit of Christmas.

The world needs it. Now more than ever.

Terrorism. Bad people doing bad things. Evil running rampant. Of course this has caused social media to explode with angry tweets and FB posts ranting about how we have to fix the world and their opinions as to how. I tend to move past these words, for yelling and complaining don’t help.

But every once in a while, a post catches my eye and sends a jolt of sad, of hurt, of anger through me.

Yesterday I read a tweet saying that if we weren’t for some kind of gun control, we were for murder.

This reminded me of when I took my kids trick-or-treating and came face to face with a sign proclaiming pro-choice equals pro-murder.

No. And no.


We’ve all heard it. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

People find ways to hurt others in all sorts of ways. Does having a gun make it easier? Yup. Should we ban all guns? Sure. But you can’t.

Can we control who gets guns? Sure. We can try. We should try.

But the real problem is people. We’ve lost sight of compassion. We’ve lost sight of the fact that everyone has problems, everyone has a story. We’re so busy screaming about how we’re not being heard that we’re not listening to everyone else.

We cry out to the world that we’re frustrated, we’re hurt, we’re not being treated fairly. And no one seems to be listening. So we act. Anger and rage spark faster these days. Everything is faster nowadays, thanks to technology. Maybe we forget that behind that Twitter handle and FB page is a real person.

Maybe those people grab a gun.

Maybe those people take their own lives.

Maybe those people needed someone.

Maybe we tell our kids how special they are, but so is everyone else. We all have strengths and weaknesses, but because our strengths are different it doesn’t make us less than anyone else. We all have a place in this world, a place just for us, where we can shine.

And we should shine.

Be a light in the dark.


*All statements here are MY OPINION ONLY. Feel free to ignore. Feel free to have your own and share them with me. I will listen. I will accept.