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On Saturday night, I did something stupid. Seriously, it could have done damage to our lives. I will not go into the details, no one needs to know. Have no fear, no one would have died. But I felt pretty darn awful and shed plenty of tears.

It made me think. I should have listened to that nervous voice in the back of my head, rather than the screaming hope. I should have…I should have…I should have… It made me doubt me.

I’m not an idiot. My hubs like to say I live in my own little bubble where people are good. I’m too trusting, he says. The world isn’t a good place, he tells me.


In his line of work, he has come across all the bad people in this city. He has dealt with terrible situations and been in the middle of violent and life-threatening events. So he’s a bit jaded. But he’s not completely wrong.

Maybe I do believe the best too much?

Maybe I am too trusting?

Perhaps the way I am wired makes me too laid back? Too patient?

Cue carefree me…


I don’t know.

What I do know is the faith I have in the world, the hope I have for people and our futures, my ability to be calm and wait for my turn, the way I see the light in life… THESE ARE THE BEST THINGS ABOUT ME!


I love my bubble…it’s made of magic.

Magic will save the world, trust will save the world, faith will save the world…not looking for what might go wrong, not mistrust, not hate.

Faith, trust, and pixie dust… this is what I’m made of. And no matter what my hubs says, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a beautiful thing.

So I’m just gonna be me. Bubble and all.