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It’s almost here!


The time of year for wonder and joy. The time we open our hearts for the spirit of giving… the spirit of Christmas. When we become a little bit better, a touch more accepting, more forgiving.

Lighting lights.

Wrapping presents.

Baking goodies.

Watching Christmas shows.

Spending time with family.


Spreading happiness.


I won’t write so many words this week. I won’t get in all the workouts. I won’t be able to resist the cookies, pie, and candy.

Despicable mecandy-gif

And I won’t let that steal my fun.

All I want for Christmas is to create fabulous memories with my entire family, who arrive on Wednesday! Then Thursday will be Christmas Eve joy with cookie and pie baking and our annual viewing of The Polar Express before waiting for…


Christmas will bring a flurry of presents and yummy food, and the marathon of A Christmas Story. Saturday you will find us at the movie theater for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.



A great week sits ahead of me. Hopefully a great week sits ahead of everyone. Don’t blink. Don’t look away. Don’t miss a single second for before we know it, it will have passed into memory.

I wish you all the merry-making for whatever holiday you celebrate, for however you celebrate.

I wish you…






And all around fabulousness.