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Writers. We all have dreams. We all work to achieve those dreams.


But really we have no idea what we’re doing. And we have NO IDEA what those dreams will look like when they come true.

No idea.

Because the world of publishing is always shifting, always changing, completely unpredictable. Kind of like writing.

We write. We submit. We query.

And repeat.


Feels a little like that, right?

And somewhere in there, if we’re lucky our words are accepted to become A BOOK.


And a great weight lifts from our shoulders, but don’t get comfortable. Because everything can change for all sorts of reasons… reasons you may never know. That release date? It can be moved. Those edits you’re waiting for? They might come later than you hoped. Book covers? Dude, those can be hard work.

Frustration and disappointment can be a result.


It happens. I have just dipped my little toe into the strange world of publishing. I am a mere babe in the woods. And I am learning to accept the ebb and flow. To just go with it.

Because I’m dealing with people. People who have lives and their own problems. People who do the best they can.

I’m dealing with a business. A business of making money, of doing what is best for that business.

So, things don’t go as I thought? Oh well.

Moving on. My dream is alive in all the changes and craziness. And the dream will come true. So I will continue my journey into the strange land of publishing and keep my mind open and ready for anything that comes.

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