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My hubs told me the other day that I NEED to pay attention to what’s happening in the world.



I know there’s a great wide world full of people and news and politics and stuff. I know that. I choose not to join it. I choose not to watch the news. I choose to step away from politics.

Does this make me a terrible person, a un-American American?



The news has never interested me, the pages and TV full of all the awful things people are doing to other people. So, no, I don’t know exactly what so and so did to cause what…I don’t know all the details (but really because they’re reported by the news, does that make them details, fact?) of all the wrongs out in the world. No, I don’t know what all the politicians are screaming at the top of their lungs about.

Yes, I stick my nose in the world of fiction.

donnie darkoreading

I wander happily around my own life, knowing what will keep my family and me wrapped in comfiness. I know what we need. I make what we have work for us. The economy is in big trouble? Gas prices are going through the roof? The healthcare system is changing? Instead of spending time listening to all these big problems and worrying about what it might mean…I simply live the best I can.

When Presidential elections came, I used to listen. Then I realized that no one was saying anything. The news took their words and twisted them to manipulate my feelings. I would vote, happy in my choice, because I listened to the high and mighty speeches, until I noticed that they were only high and mighty speeches.

The world is full of words. Stories of what is happening, people talking about what it all means, people ranting about how the world needs to change. Words telling me how to feel. Even my dear Catholic Church preaches about truth, telling me I must believe what they tell me to believe.


Is there injustice in the world? Yes. We’re human. We’re all trying to live on one world, all trying to have our voices be heard, all trying to hold on to our truths. But I do wish we could get over ourselves and find peace and acceptance.


I get one chance at this life. I choose to be happy, to not let in the words get in my way, to not waste my time screaming about what is wrong and focus on what is good, to live my truth.

Maybe your happy is watching the news, is ranting about all the things you don’t agree with, is loving the conflict. Great! Carry on.

But not mine. So no, I won’t watch the news. I will stay out of the elections, but not because I don’t care, but because I care about me, my sanity, my happy. Ignorance is bliss? Except it’s not ignorance, I see it. I choose not to let it in.

*skips away*