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Funny thing… this thing we call truth.


Such a little word.

One syllable.

But powerful.

And sometimes mistaken for fact, yet is not anything like fact at all.

For every person has their own truth. A core set of beliefs, of opinions, of thoughts and values. Each person’s truth is unique, like them. At times we connect with someone who shares similar beliefs, yet no two people’s truths will ever match exactly.

What a wonderful thing.

Until we feel as if we must hide our truths. Until we are attacked for who we are and what we believe.

A friend, who is almost 13 years old, revealed a truth to me. A marvelous, personal truth. And she did it with a smile, with pride, though she also admitted to struggling to say it the first few times. Some might say that she is too young to be able to proclaim such a thing.

But who are we to say?

Age has nothing to do with our truth. From 4 to 184 (though that age might only work for the faeries), everyone holds who they are wrapped up in their minds, spirits, and hearts. Maybe a four-year-old isn’t able to articulate what exists deep within, but if he can? More power to him. Over time our beliefs might shift, or perhaps time and experience help reveal who we are. Perhaps we should be jealous of the people who are able to really look at themselves, to find their true identity at a young age…where some of us fight our truths because of society.

Forever, society has dictated normal. And if you didn’t fit in you were…well, not normal. Though I seriously doubt normal even exists.

Lately, labels have been appearing as people find a word to describe themselves, to create an identity. I applause this. Though labels themselves can be a bit of a slippery slope, I like the idea of many communities living peacefully in the land of “not normal”. People have come forth to share what it is to live their truth, to bring all this into the realm of normal, for it should be. Or we can toss the word “normal” off a cliff and just be.

Live your truth, which has nothing to do with fact and everything to do with you, which has nothing to do with normal and everything to do with happy.