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I have a new friend. Her name is Buffy and she is my Fitbit.

*cue happy music and skipping through fields of flowers*


I got her on Saturday. And as I gazed at her purple perfection I have to admit to being a bit frightened. Technology and I don’t always get along. I like working out, I like to sweat and be strong. But mixing tech in with that?


However, this little gadget could help me build muscle, be stronger and healthier. It tracks everything. Calories in and out. How many steps I’ve taken. How far I’ve gone. It gives me a report of how I slept, of my heart rate through out the day. So much information I never think about.

So I began on Saturday, set it up and strapped in on my wrist.

Since then she has become a trusted ally and together we shall conquer my fitness goals… to be buff. To be strong. To live to be 100 and be able to continue doing all the things of life.

So, yes, Buffy for buff… but also the whole vampire slaying thing.



Today, we did our first workout together. She let me know how I did, where my heart rate fell in the land of fat burning or cardio. A tingly vibration let me know that I hit my step goal for the day. I have accepted a challenge to see how many steps I can take this week.

I have to admit that, as I ate LOTS of pizza last night, I thought about lying to Buffy. Why does she have to know what I ate? Right? But I logged all the food. Because this friendship is based on honesty, on trust.


Hubs is getting one too, though I doubt he’ll name his. I hope this means he wants the same things I do, to be healthier, to live a long life (with me, so a crazy life, but crazy awesome!).

Off I go on this new, magical journey with my little friend, my ally. To find my potential. To find my strength. To be better. One more step to being the best me.