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I know I posted about my new video game obsession, but today is Spooky All Year with Faith McKay and The Midnight Society! Go visit their page here. Click on the links to others’ blogs to see what they have to contribute…heck add your own post to the mix.


So… I want to share the creepiness that is this game. Because I am peeling back layer after layer of fear. I am wandering deeper into the madness that is this game.


A strange house.

Dark hallways.


Disembodied sounds.

Flickering lights.

Things that move on their own.

Rooms that change.

Messages written on the walls.

I exit a room, hear a boom, turn and see the room destroyed. I pass a wheelchair, hear a squeak and turn to find the wheelchair is behind me now covered in paint. A knife suddenly stuck in the wall. Paintings that change, becoming dark and menacing. Dolls… the dolls! They’re everywhere.


I’m finding notes, articles, and letters, all revealing the past. The life of an artist driven mad to complete his work.


And the end game. To finish the painting. I have found flesh, blood, and bone. The final image on the canvas becomes clearer.Layersoffear3