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I don’t consider myself a marketing pro. Or a marketing anything, really.

Selling myself or my work? Meh.

As I approach the reality of my manuscript becoming a book, the reality of facing marketing has slapped me in the face.



So, I’ve decided to use my kids. Little did I know that I had them at the perfect time. Ignore the fact that I hadn’t discovered my dream of being a writer when they were born, this whole them being teenagers at the time of my YA release (DOORS, out at the end of the year! <–look marketing! Maybe?) seems to be quite a lovely thing.

My 13 year-old daughter has already told me how excited she is to bring my book in to  show ALL HER FRIENDS AND TELL THEM TO READ IT!

My son? Maybe not so much, but you never know…he might help spread the word.

And I think I can rope my nieces into being my slave labor and waving my book in front of their friends’ faces.

I figure I can ride around in my car with copies of my book in the back and lure teens to me with promises of video games and candy… or puppies? Hello, stranger danger. I promise to not wear a creepy mask. Well, no, I can’t promise this.


And as Faith (McKay… if you don’t know her you should, go follow her here) and I chatted and laughed hysterically over this, later, I thought how much merit there is in using ones children as marketing tools. 

Because I believe that the best way to sell books is through word of mouth. For how do books sell? By people telling other people, who tell more people and BAM… magic.

I need to get my book into the hands of teens. So I shall use teens to do this.


So lucky me. I had kids at the perfect time.

Serendipity, baby.

This post inspired by and dedicated to the fabulous Faith, whose LIPSTICK AND ZOMBIES book is so fun! And she is a critical part of The Midnight Society blog responsible for #SpookyAllYear. And an overall great person.

Keep laughing, GHOST FACE KILLAH DJ girl. You’re the best.