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I learned long ago to trust the story.

My head was always filled with ideas, characters, endings, all the strange and wonderful words of getting from point A to point B. But I never forced the story to stay on the path I first envisioned.

Which is why I stopped outlining. Because I was always wrong.

I accept this.


As I set off to write a new manuscript months and months ago, I reminded myself of this. I wrote quite a few books when I first began telling the stories in my head, then I seriously considered becoming published and, for years, I revised, revised, revised. So setting on my journey to write new words was scary.

And it took a lot of persistence to get it done.

Well, it’s not done… but I’m getting there. Putting butt in chair and opening the word doc is so much easier. Pressing keys and creating words comes without hours of procrastination. My 200 words a day has increased to 1000 or even 1500.

Castleevil laugh

I still have days where I stare at the screen for hours, my mind blank. I still have procrastination problems…and Twitter is happy to fulfill my needs.


Through all the frustration and avoidance, the manuscript grew. DOORS, book 2 (awaiting a really cool title) now sits at just over 73,000 words. My first drafts tend to end up around 80,000 to 90,000 words. So as I watched the word count rise, I wondered how this story was going to end.

Okay. Technically I know how… it told me the end a long time ago. But I had scenes floating in my head that I had no idea where they fit together, like puzzle pieces strewn about the floor.


Panic. People. Panic.

But I took a deep breath and put my faith in the process because my muse, or fairies, or aliens, or whatever it is that beams the stories into my head has never let me down.

Magic happens. Believe in it!

On Saturday morning the final five chapters revealed themselves. All the scenes fell into place.


Because I kept my mind open. I listened to the story.

Never fight the words. The words know and if you’re quiet, they tell you all their secrets.

Now to finish this sucker. Then write another one.