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If you know me, you know ghosts fascinate me. But it’s deeper than that, what exists beyond the world of our seeing fascinates me. That place where spirits roam, where faeries and demons exist just out of our sight is something I believe in.

So when my friend Shelly asked me to join her team, the East Central Indiana Paranormal Investigators, for an investigation months and months ago, I SAID YES!

And nothing happened.

Then she invited me again.


Last Sunday we traveled to Winchester, Indiana to the Randolph County Infirmary. And let’s just call out the whole Winchester thing…if you don’t know my love of the show Supernatural…

Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural...<3 Dean!

Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural… I ❤ Dean!

That was a nice detour, but back to the old building…

Front of Randolph County Infirmary in Winchester, Indiana

Front of Randolph County Infirmary in Winchester, Indiana



We got there, watched a video, took a tour, and set up cameras.

Entry way of Randolph County Infirmary

Entry way of Randolph County Infirmary

Eight camera angles set to record

Eight camera angles set to record

This place has been around since the 1800s, well, mostly. The original structure was built as an asylum, but that burned down. The building now is built on what remained of the foundation. There was lots of history, and to be honest, I was so excited and busy looking at the place that I can’t remember most of it. But many people died there. It is said people are buried on the land. And we were told about the apparitions that had been spotted, voices that had been heard, and people’s feelings about the place.

But I want an experience. One of my own. I don’t need proof, to believe, I already do. Not seen doesn’t mean not real. But as someone intrigued by the other side, I want to see or hear something I can’t explain any other way than paranormal.

So I had high hopes for this creepy place. Even in the daylight…check out the spookiness.

Long hallway, women's side of building

Long hallway, women’s side of building




It was an awesome place!

Funny how I get different reactions from people when I tell them about my adventures. Some are thrilled and want to come. Others stare at me funny. My sisters pretty much think I’m crazy and that a ghost will murder me in the dark. Yeah, no. Ghost hunting is a lot of sitting in the dark, listening, watching.

It’s holding an audio recorder, sending questions out into the shadows and hoping someone answers you.

It’s a lot of hope, twisted with logic.

We heard odd sounds, but it was a windy night. There was a well-traveled street outside. It was an old building and I was not familiar with all its normal creaks and groans, if any.

I sat in a cell, they used for people who needed a little extra…restraint.


I sat in an old chair with wheels on the bottom.


I wandered the attic and basement.

I ate a lot of snacks to stay awake.

And can’t say with certainty that anything paranormal happened.


A duo heard a door slam and footsteps, but sadly didn’t have a recorder.

There is hope that when ECIPI listen to the audio, they hear something. I’m sure they’ll tell me if they do.

So for now, I’ll keep believing in that other side, in the strange place beyond the veil. Believing it exists because I need it to exist, so that there is somewhere other than here. Because there is so much more to this living thing, to this universe than what we can see. Somewhere I haven’t glimpsed…yet.

But I will.