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We all face it.

That wonderful feeling of finishing a book, immediately sucked into the void of OH NO WHAT AM I GOING TO READ NEXT!?!!!?!??!?


I recently stared at my book shelves, gazed at my Nook, and perused the books on my Kindle app on my phone, trying to decide. Touching all the spines. Wondering why I have to buy so many books as to give myself so many choices. CHOICES!

Well, I did choose. But I am undecided if it was the right choice.


Then my 13 year old daughter closed a book yesterday. “Oh no, Mom! I don’t know what to read next!”

Ah. Yes. I told her that I had just faced that particular brand of frustration and woe and wished her good luck.

Well, my job wasn’t over. She brought down five books and dropped the stack onto the table. “Help me!”

My response…


So she verbalized her thought process…holding up each relevant book.

She really loved the first two in this series and would love to finish it! And she can because she had the end!

“Always a good thing…” I say.

But…she picks up another…

Book one was very cool and I have the rest of the series…but there are a lot of books and I would have to read them all and…well, she was uncertain if she wanted to commit herself to that.

I have read that series… and loved it, so “Dude, that series is GOOD!”

But…one at a time, she waves the next three in the air…

The rest of the books are book twos… but she doesn’t have the rest of the series. Because they aren’t out yet, or she might not own it (OMG THE WORLD MIGHT END!).

“You have a hard choice.”

“I’m just going to eenie meenie miny moe it!” she says, with a determined look.

So I watch as she runs through the sing-song phrase, one after the other declaring her precious tomes “not it”.

And she holds the winner…a dull gleam in her eyes. “I don’t know if this one should be it.”

“Well,” I say, “did it hurt to set any aside?”

“Ummmm…” She stares at them, running her fingers over the covers. Her face twists with pain. The hurt of indecision. What if she chooses the wrong one? Which will give her the most satisfaction? What world does she want to go to?

I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry.

Finally she grabs one and smiles. “This!” FYI…this was NOT the one chosen through the eenie meenie miny moe game.

She’s going to finish The Thirteenth Reality series by James Dashner. I have read AND LOVED book one and plan on borrowing hers to finish the series.

I nod my approval and she carries all her books back up to the special places on her shelves.

Witnessing my daughter become a reader, a lover of books, is one of the great joys of my life. Watching her stress over what to read next, as if choosing the wrong one will cause a global disaster, makes me proud. Because books are important. Not everyone loves them, but for those of us who do, they mean so much. Escape. Adventure. Feeding our creative need. Making our insides flip every which way. Sending tingles along our spines. Letting words paint images in our minds, some of which never leave.

Will we get to read everything we ever wanted to? Nope. Probably not. So the process of choosing is important, though not life threatening. Whatever you read next, whether it’s one you know or one still waiting to be chosen…enjoy it! Then share your experience, to help those of us trying to decide.