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On Tuesday, I put on my face of determination and set out to conquer my manuscript. My goal…to reach the end.


And, after 2,100 words, I did! And I think it was before midnight.


The sequel to DOORS, DOORS, book 2 (someday with a really cool title) a YA dark fantasy is now happily nestled in my computer as a first draft of 91,000 words.

Not too shabby.

This makes the… wait…

*counts* *thinks* counts*

…the 8th YA manuscript I’ve finished. All of those exist in various stages of revisions and whatever.

As a first draft, this sucker has a long way to go. But having the words down makes me feel so much better! I don’t care that it’s a mess. I don’t care that it might not make sense. I don’t care that the writing isn’t great.

I care that the story is down. I care that I wrote a book. I care that I didn’t let fear stop me.

And all those problems…the beginning, pacing, passive sentences, horrible transitions, not so good character development, lack of description… yeah, those? I’ll fix that, or try to. No worries. Then I’ll send it to some CPs and see what they have to say and take all their helpful comments and make it better.

Eventually, I’ll get it polished to the best of my ability. And maybe someday it will be a book. That would be fun.

But what now? What does one do after finishing a draft? Well, first of all spring break is next week, which means a whole lot of doing nothing. Then RT convention in Vegas the week after. OMG, me…in Vegas…what was I thinking?


When I get home and after possibly sit in a comatose state to recover, I’m going to draft DOORS, book 3. Because it is telling me all the things. Bryn’s journey isn’t over. I left her in sort of a terrible place.


Why not go right back into DOORS 2? Because I find that the longer I let my words sit the better. And book 3 might be upset and get a bit unruly if I ignore it. Dude, I’ve been telling the story, I’m going to continue until it’s done.

So I wrote a thing. And feel pretty darn good about it.


Yup. Like that.

Thanks to everyone who sat with me during the process. Don’t leave me yet! The journey has just begun. So much more magic to make.