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So I’ve been away.

First spring break, visiting with my family.

Then Vegas for the Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention.

The first two weeks of April pretty much lived in some other realm of existence. I got home Monday night and have just reclaimed the ability to create coherent thoughts. Maybe. Well, as coherent as I get anyway.


Vegas was spectacular. Crazy. Crowded. Loud.

Full of people who love books.

Full of authors ready to celebrate how they create, what they create, and so excited to mingle with their fans and chat with other writers.

It was scary. I did shuffle to a few corners to avoid the insanity. But not all the time! So yea!

I had a hotel room where magically everyday the trash was taken out and my bed was made. I lived in a world where all I had to do was decide what session or panel or reader event I was going to attend and find the correct room. I ate at odd hours and all that was required was to sit and order my food.

I found authors to sign my books. Amy and I wandered along the Las Vegas strip, gazing in awe at the sights. I hung out with people I had only spoken to over the computer.

No chores. No kids. No dog. No hubs.


A strange world, an in-between world. Not reality. And yet so real.

Since I have come home, the edges of life have been a bit blurry. My role here a bit out of focus. But my Vegas daze is fading. I am slowly coming back to the real world where I am a stay-at-home mom with a house to take care of and kids to get here and there. Track practices. Track meets. Ball practices. Grocery shopping. Vacuuming. Cooking. Laundry.


My kids did a fabulous job taking care of the house and pets and themselves. My daughter looked at me when I got home and said, “I got to be you!”

I asked her how that went. She replied, “It was hard.”

As I was out learning all sorts of writerly wisdom, my family was home missing me and maybe gaining a bit of appreciation for what I do. And they are ready to hand all the responsibility back to me. And I’ll take it because it’s my job. A job I am proud to do.

However, if a chance like going to Vegas for a week arises again…I’ll take it. I learned tons. I met great people. I pushed past my anxiety about leaving home, my comfort zone. I got myself to the airport, on the plane, to the hotel by myself. And let’s face it, I loved not having to do dishes or laundry. Not once did I worry about the people I left at home.

I became a better me. A stronger me.

When adventure knocks…go.


Enjoy every moment life offers. Learn. Grow. Be the best you ever.