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I’m not here… I am driving. To Wisconsin.


I am attending the Lakefly Writers’ Conference.

And though being around a bunch of strangers makes me a bit anxious, the conference scene is getting familiar to me. I can handle that.

I will be meeting a few people I met on Twitter. People I like, that I look up to, that are way cooler than me.


I’m sharing a room with one. I have had really good luck with Twitter friend roommates in the past, but sharing space with someone new can be scary.

These gals know me from Twitter, and have witnessed the strangeness that occupies my brain. They have been introduced to my general wackiness, and my obsession with gifs, Dr. Who, magic, and horror.

But in real life? There’s fear that people won’t like me. It goes back to childhood, but doesn’t everything? First, I’ve been listening to my computer friends in my head for years. And I have no idea what they sound like in real life. I’ve seen pictures, but that’s not them.

So, yeah…nervous.


What if I say something weird…let’s face it, it’s very likely. And what if said weird thing isn’t funny weird, but weird weird…


It’s all very stressful. And that makes me all the awkward.

And in the end, I’ll take a deep breath and let go of my stress. I’m going to be me and have fun. That’s all I can do.


Cause after this conference I have a little while before I meet another new person… I should get better at this? Right? Yes? No?