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Sixty seconds.

Not a long time, yet it is. Especially when it’s a minute of push-up jacks with Shaun T, then can you appreciate the true power of that unit of time.

How many of these minutes do we waste?

Me? A lot.

Procrastination is my super power. The call of Twitter and Facebook, the shiny games on my phone, and the flickering light of the TV all carry me away from life. I’m not saying I should give these things up, everyone needs time to relax and let your brain shut down, but maybe use them wisely.

For me, it becomes a matter of laziness. I admit it, and I am not proud.

And sometimes it’s fear that keeps me from productivity. The little demon failure likes to remind me that I’ll fail, so why try? Too many times have I let that voice control me.

So those precious little minutes flitter away.

On this special day, Memorial Day, let’s pay attention to all the minutes. Enjoy each one. Do the best with every moment.

Remember the men and women who fought to give us these moments. So many people spent their minutes to keep our country free. So many gave their final minute of life to grant us the opportunity to chose what to do with our time.

Whether it’s yard work, spending time with family, writing, or enjoying the world we have been gifted, be aware of the minutes. Appreciate every one, each sixty second interval…it’s longer than you think…and remember those in the military who are no longer with us and those who serve now.

To finish I will share a bit of what I did with my minutes. I love plants. One of my favorite things is filling my pots with color, to add brightness to my world. The annuals are happy in their new homes.