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I’m not a big supporter of change. It scares me to be honest.

But it happens. All the time.

Most of the moments when life switches directions, it’s out of our control. We hang on for the ride, doing the best we can to make it work, to keep smiling and keep living.

There are other times when we seek out change.

I am standing at one of those moments, staring at my life wanting something more, something different.

What will that be? I don’t know. It could be as simple as a new haircut or a fancy schmancy shirt.

The need for change happens to me when I find myself in a happy place. When all the strangeness of life balances to a point where I don’t feel like I’m not doing enough, like I’m not good enough.

Right now, I’m not drowning. I’ve accepted my imperfections, embraced what I can do and let go of what I can’t. I’ve allowed myself time to keep up with yard work, the pool, working out, housework, spending time with the family, and writing…as well as getting the kids to band practice and ball games.

This peace won’t last forever, it never does, so I’ll enjoy it.

And because I kinda like myself now, I want something new, something to show that I am kinda awesome and express me being…well, me.

Yea me!

The world is also standing on the edge of change, searching for a way to be better, demanding more of all its people.

My hope, that in this crazy world of political insanity and meaningless actions, we can all find that happy place, find peace and learn to like ourselves enough to seek out change, a something new that brings us joy.

I wish…

Peace to all who have none.

A somewhere better for those who have had their lives stolen by disease, by mental health issues, by the evil acts of someone else.

The ability to be exactly who you are without fear of judgement.

With change, we will rise above the darkness, but everyone in their own way, in their own life… and bit by bit light will spread into the world.

Change can be scary, but is necessary and can also bring greatness. We’ve seen it throughout history.

Love yourself. If you can’t, find help.

Love others. If you can’t, find a way to accept, to not judge, to let everyone chose their own path to happiness.

Change the world.

Love is love is love is love is love is love is love…