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You know those days when there are many things to blog about and you just have no idea what to do? Or is it the my-head-is-full-of-fluff-and-I-have-no-original-ideas thing?

Yeah. It looks like staring at a blank computer screen, hoping to type words that make sense.


Then I jumped over to Twitter, because TWITTER! And boom…an answer.

Solange Hommel (@SolHom…go follow her!) has nominated me for the…


The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are inspiring and bring sunshine into the lives of their readers and fellow bloggers through their blogspace and/or their social media.

Dude. Spreading magical happiness is kinda my life goal, so for her to think of me made me spontaneously combust with glee. Have no fear, I have put myself back together…I am magic.

Go read her fabulous post here, where she reveals all her awesomeness and makes me seem much cooler than I am.

And now I shall attempt to answer her questions.


What do you snack on while you’re writing?

Well, that depends on the day. I had to stop buying Cinnamon Toast Crunch, because I couldn’t keep my hands out of the box. I do love semi-sweet chocolate chips. I have devoured a bag of Goldfish crackers. Ice cream is always a favorite. However, at all times, I have my water glass at my side and try to stay out of the kitchen where all the yummy things live.

What’s your favorite location for maximum creativity and productivity? How often are you able to visit this setting?

I sit on my couch. Is it my favorite location? Maybe. I do have a gazebo that I always imagined spending time with my computer, writing all the words, but I must be too lazy to walk out there. Maybe someday.
What is that one weird trick you can do? You know, the one you’d kind of like to forget, but your friends always bring up at parties after a couple of drinks?

I am a dark faerie and will never divulge my secrets.
Tell us about the project you’re most proud of completing.

My first manuscript. It’s called The Darkness of Magic and I’m pretty sure it is a pile of terribleness, but I am so proud of it! Because I did it. Without any knowledge of writing, without any idea what I was doing, without any outside guidance…I wrote a book. Someday I will go back and rewrite it, because I love those characters and that story.
Which clique did you hang out with in high school? If you could go back, would you hang out with the same crowd or choose different friends?

High school…high school…that was a very long time ago and I have shoved most of that time of my life in the void of I don’t want to remember. I didn’t have many friends. I wasn’t in any cliques…now you see why I was so shocked when my nominator Solange had me grouped with the cool kids on Twitter. I was a nerd. I will always be a nerd. Too bad I didn’t know back then that NERDS ARE SUPER AWESOME!

How have you improved the world during your lifetime?

I hope I have brought a little happiness to the few people I have encountered in my wanderings. I have been a volunteer for Big Brothers/ Big Sisters since 1997 and am on my second match with them. I was a Girl Scout leader for a year (that’s all I could handle). I help out at my kids’ school, chaperoning field trips and such. I have two super kids, who will go forth and do better than I have.

Improved the world? Meh. Improved the tiny corner of it where I exist? Maybe.
Teleportation. Would you do it? Why or why not?

YES. That is all.
What is your favorite stupid joke?

There is one thing that makes me giggle all the time. My daughter and I were watching The Hunger Games: Catching Fire…

Her: Mom!

Me: What?!?!

Her: Where’s Finnick?

Me: Frozen-Trolls-Blinking

Her: *points to screen* Odair he is!

Me: *turns to TV* *turns back to her* avengerscapamReally

Is that even a joke? Don’t know. But now every time I watch those movies I say it and giggle.
What charitable organization do you think more people should support?

I have a couple organizations I support. MS because my little sister was diagnosed about fourteen years ago and has had a couple pretty terrible attacks. Go read about the MS walk I did a couple months ago here. And Susan G. Koman because my other sister fought AND BEAT breast cancer almost four years ago…read my post remembering the Susan G. Koman 3 day walk here.

However, I have learned that everyone has their own causes. We all have things that affect our lives, things that matter to us. May everyone find their own!
What is one topic you would never be able to write about? Why?

These questions are getting harder and harder. I can’t say that there will be anything I will never be able to write about. I can’t predict what might pop into my brain and I think every topic is up for grabs and can be dealt with in a powerful and meaningful way. As a dark fantasy/horror writer, I like the bad stuff…it can show us the light.
Name three things that are always in your fridge.

Chocolate milk. If there isn’t any, bad things happen.

My yogurt. Dude, fat-free protein. Because muscles, I want them.

Ummm…eggs. Because shouldn’t you always have them? You know for emergency cake or cookie baking purposes.


Now I am supposed to nominate people and give them questions to answer. There might be a certain number, but rules schmules.

These are people who I think spread happy in incredible ways. Some of them have already been nominated, but whatever. Each one of these people adds to my life in a positive manner. Each one of these people are very important to me. THEY MAKE ME SMILE AND THAT IS ALL!

Rena Olsen

S.E. Carson

Jolene Haley (who is on a social media break) *waves*

Faith McKay

Brett Jonas (who I get to meet IN PERSON SOON!)

Rae Oestreich

Carina Brielle

Katie Sholty

Erica Davis Secor 

Judy Post… sorry…Judi Lynn now!

These all link to their Twitter profiles…go follow them!

Oh…questions for them. Right…

  1. Kissing or no kissing?
  2. Will you watch a horror movie with me?
  3. Cake or pie?
  4. Sunrise or sunset?
  5. Winter, spring, summer, or fall?
  6. What are you reading now?
  7. What is your greatest talent?
  8. What was your best day ever?
  9. Roller coasters or merry-go-round?
  10. Camping or hotel?
  11. Will you be my friend forever?

And there ends the Sunshiny fun. Please go forth and make the world better…or at least your little corner of it. Our differences make us great, but it’s what makes us alike that we should never forget and should bring us together to accept each other, to love each other.