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And everyone stares at the screen funny…WHAT IS #MWW16?


The Midwest Writers Workshop begins today! Many people are in classes called intensives RIGHT NOW! But not me… However, I will be headed there shortly, as soon as I get my stuff together.

A weekend of hanging out with writer friends! Some I know from Twitter and will be meeting for the first time, others I have met before and will be happy to be in their fabulous presence.

There will be visiting and fun and classes to help with being a writer, some focusing on craft, others on the business side of being an author, and others panels of agents, of editors, of published authors ready to share their wisdom!

This will be my third year. The first time was a bit overwhelming. I left wondering what I was doing and if I could even get published…or if I should be writing. There was so much information. Of course that was panic and fear invading my brain. Because I’m still playing the wording game and doing okay. There will be no panic and fear this time, just listening, just chatting with other writers, just taking what I need to help me be a better writer, be better equipped to deal with all the fun ups and downs that come with my chosen life with stories forever in my head.

Look for #MWW16 on Twitter. It’s trending right now! You’ll see me and tons of others sharing the fun. Maybe next year you can come to Muncie, Indiana and join us!

So that’s where I’ll be until Sunday.

Well, if I ever get going… on that I’ll scurry off and get packed and showered and drive the two hours to #MWW16!