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Once upon a time…


In a far away palace of shadows and magic, an author waits…


For words.

To read.

To critique.


I’ll set aside my cauldron, put down my wand, and read the words…pass on what little wisdom I have gathered, and, with a comment or reaction, spark ideas that could help writers make their words better.

With my magic. Dark magic.


Words are fabulous. Writers twist and weave them together, creating art…characters, stories, and emotions. True magic. I am honored to be a part of this community.


So a bit about me…

I’ve been writing for twelve years. I’m a revision nut…like OH MY GOODNESS IT’S NOT PERFECT I MUST REVISE AGAIN!

Procrastination is my super power. I’m not proud, but there it is.

My first story was published back in 2008, and a few other stories have appeared here and there since then. You can see a list here.

My debut YA fantasy DOORS has been signed with Reuts Publishing, and I am waiting for my turn for edits. No release date…YET!

I’m drawn to anything creepy, magical, or weird.

I love to read fantasy…the darker the better. Take me somewhere fantastical! Set my imagination soaring!

Or show me what exists in the deepest, darkest recesses of the human (or not so human) mind.

Horror is my favorite! 


A bit of magical realism always makes me grin.


So I would, of course, love #TeamMaleficent to reflect my need for scary and weird. So be on my team! Feel the power!


I am new to Katie Teller’s Son of a Pitch event, but am happy to join in the fun. So many writing contests, but this one focuses on feedback…from other writers, unpublished and published. Feedback is the most important thing. Though it can be overwhelming, focus on the comments that make sense, that send your creative mind sailing, and ignore the rest. And always remember… it’s your story…YOUR WORDS!

Go read about the contest here.

Go read about all the blog hosts and authors who will be critiquing here.

Come September I will post queries and the first page of Son of a Pitch manuscripts!

We shall be #TeamMaleficent! All eyes will be on us.