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This is a warning.


Tomorrow, Monday, September 12th, round two of the Son of a Pitch contest begins! This wonderful event is all about feedback and is headed by the fabulous Katie Hamstead (follow her on Twitter or go see her blog about this contest, all the people hosting, and the publishers involved in the final round).

I am hosting eleven queries and first pages here! ELEVEN lucky authors to join my #TeamMaleficent! I got YA Sci-fi and fantasy! LOVE!


Each query and first 250 words gets its own post, so the blog will be busy!

Feel free to read all the words, but the ONLY people permitted to comment are the authors participating in Son of a Pitch, those hosting and those who submitted. Like me!

This week is all about feedback from published authors. Maybe we have a little more insight? Maybe.

And to begin, I want to let all my #TeamMaleficent know that all my opinions are my own, and I will have opinions. Not all of my thoughts will spark some brilliant idea, not all will work for what you want your ms to be. Take only that which makes sense to you, take only what helps you improve your writing, and forget the rest. I will not be offended if you look at my critique and say, “Well, thank you, but…no.”


I am not here to tell you what to do. I am only here to point out things that might not be clear to me, to ask the questions that pop into my head, to INSPIRE YOU to polish those words to a shiny shine. Because it is all about YOU, my dear authors, my fellow worders.


Okay, yes, I have been watching Star Trek…a lot.


So, I’ll just go…read the words, prepare all the posts (ELEVEN POSTS!), and get my red pen ready. I do love to comment.

So get ready, for all the critiquing this week of Son of a Pitch and #TeamMaleficent.