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I have been struggling with what to blog about lately. It happens to us all.


What to write? What to post? What do I want to talk about? Well…

In a world drowning in politics, of so many opinions clashing and exploding…a world fighting for equality, people screaming and punching their ways out of confining boxes made of definitions…a world where too much violence occurs…

The world needs magic.

So the search begins, for magic, in whatever form we can find it.

What a perfect thing to post on Mondays, the least favorite day of the week. Poor Mondays.

With a wave of my wand…Monday transforms into MAGICDAY!



The bit of magic I want to celebrate today is INDIVIDUALITY!

So many people on one planet. And not one is the same as any other. Sure, we can find people who have similar opinions, like the same things, or live the same way we do, but NO ONE an exact match.



Yes, it can cause fighting, but it can also allow the beauty of the world to shine. What a gorgeous world we have when every flower is different, when we can turn to the person next to us and learn something new!

This should unite us. And coming together as the Human race won’t erase all the things that make each person, each culture, unique, but give each person the chance to add their voice to the chorus.

So instead of shaming your neighbors for their opinions, instead of trying to silence them…rejoice in the fact of our individuality. The great power of the universe (whatever you may call it, or not) has granted us the ability of thought, of forming our own opinions, and we should use this magic to the best of our ability.

We won’t change the world by telling everyone else they’re wrong, but by being ourselves and allowing every one else that same magic.

The person next to you who is spouting ideals that clash with yours? It’s going to happen.

There is no right and wrong, only a whole lotta people with a whole lotta beliefs. The beauty of individuality.


Happy Magicday, everyone!