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Once again, I transform Monday to Magicday! Because this makes me smile. Today’s magic…

Doing your best.

This is the best magic. No matter the outcome, no matter if you achieve the goal or win the meet or get the top test score, the fact that you did everything you could makes all the difference.

The Spirit of Woodlan marching band went to semi-state competition last Saturday, as did nineteen other Indiana bands. The top ten go on to state finals this Saturday to play at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

All these bands have worked super hard. All these teenagers did their best, but only ten could continue. (FYI-Woodlan qualified! WOOHOO!) To pass the faces of the kids who weren’t moving on was hard. Definite disappointment at first, but then the frowns changed, because they had done their best.

They should be proud.

Always be proud of your best.

It’s always enough.

Be aware that your best could change day to day, depending on your mood, your health (mental and physical), and on your level of motivation. Don’t let those eat away at your pride. This is part of being human. We’re not perfect. We can’t reach perfection…HECK PERFECTION DOESN’T EXIST! And never EVER (and this is so super-dee-duper difficult kids) compare your best to someone else’s. You are not them, so there’s no reason to compare…though I know we all do…no one said life was easy.

Do YOUR best.

That’s all you can do.

When your best is on display…dance in the magic.


Celebrate YOU!