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Writing is weird.


Writing makes no sense.

But it must, because so many of us can’t live without it.

I’ve written stories in a few days where every little detail clicked, where there was no need for serious revisions.


I’ve written stories in a few months where every scene was like pulling teeth, where the tale hid in the dark of my mind and I struggled to yank it free…or coax it into the light.


I’ve written stories where I knew exactly how it would end and that was that.

I’ve written thousands of words without the slightest idea how the tale would end.

I’ve written manuscripts certain of the outcome, only to reach the end and learn that I was wrong.

Being an author, for me anyway, has always demanded flexibility. I bend. I skip along the path only to find that the road crumbles away or another less formed path appears off to one side. I have learned to navigate the dark, uncertain streets of my mind, trusting the stories in my head to lead me in the right direction.

For when I fight it, when I make the characters stay within the designated area, they rebel.

So, I remain open. That willingness to listen can lead our minds to wonderful revelations that reveal who we are…showing us how the world, how what’s happening around us can influence us.

I am stepping into the third book of my Doors series…and since I made it a series, I knew how it would end. I KNEW!

But I was wrong. Bryn was my “chosen one”, I suppose, meant to save everyone. I know, how trite.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been shown more of the end of the chapter of her life that I have been tasked to share. Bryn is chosen. She has a purpose, but it isn’t what I thought. My big bad “evil” The Darkness…is more than he seems. The Light…merely trying to do the best he can.

This final book is resonating with what I see in the world today, with how I emotionally react to what is happening in the world. All the I’m right and you’re wrong being screamed from the very roof tops, all the groups fighting to be heard.

There’s no right.

No wrong.

No good.

No bad.

Only choices.

Only people.

And we all have light and dark within us.