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So it’s Monday, which means the search for magic because Mondays need it.

But it’s also HALLOWEEN!


If you know me, you know this is one of my favorite holidays. So the magic of today is Halloween!

The day we don masks to scare away the spirits lurking in the dark, the day the veil between this world and what waits beyond is thin, the day to celebrate everything spooky and creepy. To light candles in jack o’ lanterns to bring them to life. To walk in the dark with the chill breeze and fallen leaves. A time of horror movies and imaginations run wild, making our hearts race.

As a kid, my sisters and I would rush home from school, put on our costumes, and wait eagerly for our dad to come home from work so he would guide us through the nighttime streets in search of candy.


My dad’s job of taking us out is long over, so he stays home and puts up epic decorations to scare other people’s kids. Last year we went and joined his display, one of the best Halloweens ever.

My dad's house last year.

My dad’s house last year.


Me...last year.

Me…last year.

I have decorated my house, though out in the country, we don’t get trick or treaters. I have carved three pumpkins and have a few more to go. I am going to take myself to see the movie OUIJA today! And tonight you’ll be able to find me sitting on my front porch amid my flickering pumpkins and skulls enjoying the night, listening to the leaves, and wondering what lurks in the shadows of the trees across the street.

Here are a few pics from my house this year!




Angus looks a little weird, cause he's leaning forward...

Angus looks a little weird, cause he’s leaning forward…

One of my six pumpkins!

One of my six pumpkins!