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I have a lot of feelings today. Feelings that make me want to hide from the world.

Magic is needed.

I want to send magic to a writer friend.


People make mistakes. We mess up without a clue that we did anything wrong until one person reacts with rage…then another and another until the mob has formed and someone is left shattered.

The magic for today…




Those happen only when we practice them.

When the bandwagon drives by, take a moment before you blindly leap on board…breathe. Remember that on the other end of the rage, of the finger pointing, of the vicious mob is a human being.

When that person needs a moment, give it.

When someone apologizes, let them, and accept it.

No one is perfect. Everyone has their own lives and experiences and not one of them is more important. Everyone deserves respect. Look past the mistake and see the person.

What a world we could create if we listen, if we build each other up, if we accept.

Make magic today by spreading understanding. Make magic today by seeing the good. Make magic today.