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So many people are disappointed in the people of America. And I won’t lie, I cried on the morning after the election. Why? Because I’m scared. I’m scared of what our country could look like with Trump in charge.

Like truly scared.

That the forward, positive steps we have taken will be erased.

But America has voted and this is the result. I have been thinking about why. And I have a bit of insight because my husband voted for Trump. And yes, I voted for Hillary.

OMG, you say! My house must be a war zone, you think! Well, no. We are opposites. Always have been, always will be. We vote on different sides every single time. After revealing that I am married to a Trump supporter on FB, someone commented that they would get a divorce. Wow. Well, I am not getting a divorce from a man I love after almost 21 years of marriage.

We are more than our opinions. We are stronger than our differences.

As is our country.

I’ll tell you a secret. My husband isn’t a racist, sexist monster (though after being a police officer for 21 years, he is a bit jaded by the people he has encountered). So seeing posts that a racist, sexist nation elected the President stings.

Why did my husband vote for him? He doesn’t wants all immigration to stop or all people from other countries to be sent packing. He doesn’t want the LGBTQIA community to be discriminated against. He’s a straight white male and these aren’t issues he is concerned with. I know…but this is his truth.

He wants a President who will support our military. He wants a President who will take care of our debt. He wants a President who will keep our borders safe. He wants a President who will protect the rights of people to buy guns (he’s a cop and hates the hoops he has to go through to buy weapons). These are his views and because we live in the best country in the world, he gets to have them.

Many other people share those views.

Many other people don’t.

But it isn’t a reason to hate.

It isn’t a reason to call our country stupid. What is happening now is an emotional reaction…understandable. Many people are mourning. They should be allowed to. But what is happening will keep us divided. And that will get us nowhere.


Have faith in the people of our country. Just like always, the ones who refuse to change, the ones who hate, the ones who can’t accept others will still be here. We will have to endure their ugly words and feelings for a long time because people don’t change…well, they can, but it seems rare. But just like always there are good people (and there are more good than bad) and they will continue to live their lives, continue to fight for change, for acceptance for everyone.

Have faith in the fact that the Government (as messed up as it is) won’t just pass laws to take away rights, to push us back in the dark hole we’re climbing out of.


Why did America elect Trump? I have thoughts.

People are scared. People don’t feel safe. Too much violence in the world, in our own country. I think people see Trump as a strong, take no shit guy who can take on all the evil without mincing words. I think Trump is different, a guy who has no political experience, who can shake up the world. For reasons we may never know…people want him to lead our country. Elections always have something to do with people’s feelings, with what they need from an elected official.

As much as I am terrified TERRIFIED by what this speak-before-he-thinks guy will do in office…

America voted.

This is the reality.

I sent up a prayer yesterday. Please, let this business man, this guy who rubs people the wrong way, this if-I-don’t-get-my-way-Imma-take-my-toys-and-go guy…please let him see the people of this country. Please let him listen to what the people need. Please let him play nice even when things don’t go his way. Please let him work to help those who need it most.

No matter the political landscape, it’s the people of the USA that make it great. It’s how we act and react. Let’s let go of the hate and move forward. Let’s hold onto hope. There’s no going back in time. There’s no changing people’s opinions to get a different outcome. The vote didn’t go the way we wanted and that’s not a reason to hate.

We can do this. I have faith in us. This great country is my home. I care about it and the people who live here with me. I will continue to do what I can to make the world better from my little place in it.

Am I speaking from a place of white privilege? Probably, but that’s all I got. It’s who I am. And as much as my voice is one that no one wants to hear…I still matter. Everyone does.

After hearing all this, you feel the need to not be my friend, I will understand and still care about you.



Take a breath.