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Thursday is Thanksgiving! A magic all its own. An American holiday, one founded on acceptance, on togetherness, on recognizing all the good in life.

And boy does America need this magic.

On Wednesday, my hubs, two kids, and I will be traveling to my parents’ house where we will be joined by my two sisters and their families for Thanksgiving FUN! We will sit and talk and eat yummy food and laugh and enjoy each other. We will all go see a movie…Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! We will watch the six cousins have a great time, and even though my two are the oldest (and my son is the only boy) they still have a great time.

For Grandma Betty and Grandpa Dave’s house is the best.

My dad already has some of his Christmas trees up, for after Thanksgiving we will have early Christmas, since we won’t be together on that holiday.

We are spread across three different states and soak in every moment of together we can get.

Thank goodness for family.

Thank goodness for being together.

Thank goodness for sharing moments of life.

…for memories.

…for hope.

…for love.

…for magic.

Where ever you are, whatever you are doing this Thanksgiving, know you are important, drink in every moment of joy, gather love into your self and take it with you on the journey of life.