I love snow. I love how it tiptoes and twirls through the air, silent, beautiful, frozen drops of water. Each one a wonderful crystalline work of art. Mother Nature is magical.

It tumbles from the sky, landing on warm coats and scarves, sticking to eye lashes and boots as if trying to embrace us, to wipe our minds of all the muck of life, of the worries and fear. The pureness of winter wipes the world clean, covering the land with a blanket of sparkling white. Tiny flakes hide the lawns we’ve been mowing all summer, the flower beds we’ve been weeding and trimming, and the mess of leaves no one raked. Snow reminds us of the simple things, to forget the craziness of living and revel in a season of snowmen and sledding.

Don’t the Christmas lights look merrier when the world is bright and new?

And don’t forget snow days! My kids are home from school today, enjoying the time off.

And if we could have a white Christmas, I would be one happy girl.