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Okay, so maybe the fact that the new Star Wars movie comes out tomorrow has influenced my title, but it makes sense…

I swear.

Earlier this month I submitted a horror short story to an anthology. Fingers crossed, kids.

Two people read it.

Carina and Sarah, my dearests! Just two of the nicest, bestest people out there!

And both told me that it should be a book. Well, both told me it should be a series of books. They both saw a bigger story waiting to be told. My first reaction was…WHAT? NO! But then…well, actually, I know tons about the main character and her family. I didn’t get to explore the Afterhere all the way. I would like to dive deeper into beliefs with this story.

Both of these fabulous ladies had so many ideas, sparked by my little story! That is the best! So my creative brain latched on and I have filed away the idea. Someday, I’ll write this series…The Afterhere series, YA horror. I’ve always wanted to do a YA horror! There just isn’t enough of it out there in the world.

So my little moon? Is a space station.

Little ideas can grow. Sometimes without warning. Feed them. Let them spread, blossom. Let all the thoughts run amok, for greatness could bloom.