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I know not everyone celebrates Christmas. So many holidays, so much magic, so much light and hope and happiness. I hope this magic finds you.

Celebrating is the key whatever traditions are taking place in your house with your family and friends.

This year, it was a quiet Christmas for us, just the four of us. No family came to visit, but the phones were a-ringing with words and images of the day. Santa came and left not quite as large a heap of presents as he used to…as kids age they want more expensive toys, which translates to less boxes. But they were all smiles, so YEA!

The four of us had a wonderful dinner with all the food we love. And Christmas magic means leftovers! I won’t be cooking for days. We played video games and hung out. I love getting together with all my family, but the quieter holidays are special.

As I took one last look at my Christmas tree last night before I turned off the lights, I was reminded of all the memories of so many Christmases before. Each ornament holds happiness of years gone by…when I was a kid, when my kids were younger. All the good times. Sooner than I think, my kids will be off having their own Christmases, in their own places, continuing the magic in their own ways. I will hold onto all these moments, but know that so many great times are yet to come.

Now we enter the strange limbo land of after Christmas and before New Years, where I usually pretend I can get back to normal and fail, so instead I’m going to read and pick up my pencils and sketch (which is another post) and enjoy myself. AND SO SHOULD YOU!

May you find joy in who you are.

May love and magic fill your life.

When you discover the light in you, share it with the world.