Happy 2017!

What is it about a new year? Magically on January 1st, we reset. All the goals we didn’t quite achieve for whatever reasons, all the bad moments, and all the struggles get pushed aside. We carry all the good memories, all the things we did achieve, and all the strength we’re made of and walk off into the days full of possibilities.

Whether we set resolutions or not, whether we go off full steam ahead or simply dip our toe in the water, we step out of the shadows and into the light of what if.

What if we can conquer our fear…

What if we can do the thing…

What if we can grab onto our happiness and never let it go…

What if we can be everything we are meant to be…

Except there is no what if, not really.

We can and we will be our best. We can and we will have new beginnings, even if it is working on things from last year.

This year promises bright, shiny stars ready for us to reach up and snag them, put them in our pockets and let their light seep into our very beings. Maybe we make all our wishes and dreams come true…or maybe not quite. But we will try.

Trying matters. Doing matters.

You matter.

*raises my glass of chocolate milk* To you! To us! Happy New Year!